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Urban Water Management

Workshops and trainings for residents so that the physical and economical effects caused by urban flooding as well as flooding caused by natural disasters are reduced or mitigated. 

Nationally Certified Green Infrastructure Professional #00510

Urban Agriculture – Produce Safety Alliance Grower #84835, LA-190812-GR

Community Engagement and Outreach

Activities focused on improved healthier choices towards a more resilient and sustainable future.

Workshops and Trainings

Services designed to develop residents' understanding of organic backyard/container gardening practices in order to address food insecurity issues as well as to provide healthier sources of nutritional options. 


Climate Change Resilience - as our climate changes, neighborhoods like ours are vulnerable. Healthy Community Services promotes community-led actions to build resiliency and capacity to adapt and strive.


Urban Water Management - Healthy Community Services and Water Wise Gulf South 7th Ward train members of our community in rain water harvesting, stormwater management, and hands on experience in building green infrastructure in their home, and their neighborhood to mitigate flooding.


Urban Agriculture - workshop are designed to teach urban residents how tor educe food insecurity by growing vegetable, herbs, and fruits in a sustainable manner.


We serve as a repository for matters of climate change, sea level rise, urban storm water management and urban agriculture issues. 

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